Are VOCs in Paint Dangerous for Your Health?

semivolatile organics

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are known for the way they evaporate at room temperature, often emitting scents in the process. It is this readiness to evaporate that makes VOCs a common component in paints – VOC solvents, for example

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Testing for Kerosene Analytical Group Under Florida’s Petroleum Restoration Program

Florida’s Petroleum Restoration Program aims to reduce the impact of petroleum-related contamination and one way is through regulation of storage tanks. Site owners, project managers, and anyone else involved in construction activities at sites involving storage tanks should be aware

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Florida Petroleum Restoration Program Laboratories

Sites contaminated by petroleum discharge impact the surrounding environment and human health; as a consequence, the owners face liability. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Petroleum Restoration Program provides a solution by remediating the damage caused by discharge of

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PFAS Testing is Critical Step to Prevent Contaminated Drinking Water

When most people think of tap water, they probably do not associate it with health risks. However, there are PFAS chemicals contaminating the drinking water in well over half of American states and PFAS chemical testing plays a crucial role

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Common Questions about TCLP Testing Procedure

Phoslab receives requests from clients such as manufacturing and engineering firms and agricultural businesses in need of fast, accurate toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) analysis in order to stay in compliance with regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Phoslab

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The Benefits of Environmental Lab Testing

Environmental testing and analysis provides critical information that should be considered before and during a major project rather than later, as an after-thought. The professionals at Phoslab Environmental Services can help you determine a strategy for environmental testing that best

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The Why and How of BTEX Testing

Accurate and reliable BTEX testing is crucial for producers of uncountable products, from paints and adhesives to leather products and plastics. Not only is accruate analysis a critical step in preventing exposure and contamination that can affect human health and

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DER Announces New Chemical Regulations for Water Quality

Recently, the Department of Environmental Regulation hailed the passing of the new water quality rule by a 3-2 vote from the Environmental Regulation Commission. The new rule will initiate new limitations on 39 toxins and update the currently allowed limitations

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Florida Algae Bloom Causes State of Emergency

Normally at this time of summer, Florida residents can look forward to the local magnolia and honeysuckle in bloom. This summer, another Florida bloom is getting national attention; a massive overgrowth of algae from Lake Okeechobee has spread wildly and

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What is the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure?

When water-soluble compounds are washed away from soil, it can leave behind non-soluble pollutants. Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure, or TCLP, is a popular and cost-effective procedure to extract these types of chemicals for testing. When done properly, TCLP allows the

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